Simon Sweet

Deputy Company Secretary

Simon Sweet is a seasoned chartered governance professional, with a 40-year career applying corporate governance in listed and international groups of companies.

In his role as Deputy Company Secretary, Simon supports the governance process to the MedAccess Board overseeing the administrative operations of the quarterly Board and Audit and Finance Committee meetings, ensuring they are managed efficiently and securely, and with the high level of professionalism required to make critical Board-level decisions.

During his career, Simon has worked in a number of senior chartered governance roles for a wide range of businesses predominantly in the energy sector. Prior to MedAccess, he served as Group Company Secretary at Globeleq for over ten years.

Through his previous experience Simon has been exposed to the complexity of strategic governance for high-value companies, working with multicultural teams and with high-powered boards of senior representatives.

Simon is a Fellow of the Corporate Governance Institute.

Email Simon: [email protected]

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