Millions lack access to medical products. We address the root causes. Our thinking is long-term, our impact lasting and sustainable.

Who we are

MedAccess is a UK-based social finance company with the pioneering mission to make global healthcare markets work for everyone.

Our core purpose is to make medical supplies more widely available at lower prices in under-served markets. By applying the rigour and skills of business finance, we’re providing a novel solution to the challenge.

We offer financial guarantees that reduce commercial risk and allow medical manufacturers to accelerate supplies into new markets at affordable and sustainable prices. In this way, vaccines, medicines, diagnostic tests and medical devices can reach patients far sooner than existing market forces would allow.

Heads together

The global healthcare challenge demands urgent action and we believe that specialists collaborating solve problems faster.

We supply expertise, advice and analysis to both client companies and partner organisations who share our vision of better healthcare markets for all: the UN, national governments, NGOs, philanthropists and more.

At a glance

  • We were founded in 2017 by CDC Group Plc with starting capital of $200 million.
  • We are a not-for-profit company. Any profits will be reinvested to improve health outcomes.
  • We charge companies a modest fee to help cover our costs.
  • We only support approved products with proven clinical value.

Our approach

Our work is guided by commercial imperatives but always motivated by human outcomes.

We believe passionately that nobody should be denied access to vital medicines by an accident of geography. The loss of millions of lives to poor healthcare delivery is not just devastating; it is frustratingly preventable.

By addressing the root commercial cause of market failures, our approach creates a lasting and sustainable solution. We take on the financial risk of entering new markets, enabling medical manufacturers to price supplies at affordable levels for patients in the world’s poorest countries. We invest prudently so that they can act decisively to help improve and save more lives.

Where do we work?

We focus on markets in Africa and South Asia. This is where over 80 percent of the world’s poorest people live, and where inadequate healthcare delivery costs the most lives. Consequently, this is where our expertise can have the greatest human impact.

Med Access - Priorities

Our story so far

The age-old problem of global healthcare inequality demands a novel solution.

In 2016 the UK Government and its development finance institution, CDC Group, embarked on a new initiative to tackle specific market failures holding back development.

The following year, MedAccess was founded with initial capital of $200 million from CDC and an innovative sustainable business model for financing medical products. Fueled by not-for-profit capital rather than aid, we are uniquely able to apply business and investment methods to achieve humanitarian objectives.

We are advancing the potential of ‘market-shaping’ tools to enable medical manufacturers to bring supplies to under-served markets at lower prices. Our approach draws heavily on the lessons learned from global health organisations including GAVI, CHAI, UNITAID and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

MedAccess is a lean operation using sustainable capital, not grants, to fund our work. We can move quickly to open up new markets and bring life-saving medical supplies to those in greatest need.

As a non-profit finance company, any financial surpluses we make are invested back into the business, enabling more financial guarantees to be given and more lives to be saved.

We focus on increasing supplies at more affordable prices. This is represented metaphorically throughout our brand.