We were formed in 2017 to accelerate access to healthcare by tackling market inefficiencies.

By the end of 2023, our agreements had helped more than 539 million people in over 110 countries access medical innovations.

A new way to tackle access challenges

MedAccess was born out of the recognition by global health partners including the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the former UK Department for International Development (DFID) that unpredictable healthcare markets are a major barrier to access in many countries.

DFID commissioned CDC Group, now British International Investment (BII), to develop an idea for an organisation focused on shaping healthcare markets in low- and middle-income countries. CDC’s investment experts developed the Credit Facility for Access to Medicine – later renamed MedAccess.

The company was established in November 2017 with the clear aim to blend private sector knowhow with public health expertise, using $200 million paid-in capital to negotiate agreements that reduced the price and increased availability of medical innovations.

We are independent and not for profit, with any operating surplus is invested into developing new agreements to speed up access to healthcare.

From first steps to growing impact

We announced our first agreement, with Hologic, in July 2018.

Since then, our agreements have been increasing access to medical innovations that tackle HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, COVID-19 and syphilis.

To date, our guarantees have helped accelerate access to health products for more than 539 million people in over 110 countries.

BII remains MedAccess’ sole shareholder.

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MedAccess timeline

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A nurse is wearing a white coat and white gloves, and holding a small bottle of liquid that says 'buffer bottle' on the label.


MedAccess becomes a founding member of the Impact Investing Initiative for Global Health.

A healthcare worker is running a vaccination session for parents to bring their children to.


MedAccess announces reaching over half a billion people with accelerated access to health products.


Helen Rees


Professor Helen Rees OBE appointed Board Chair.

A doctor using the G6PD testing device


Launch of volume guarantee to catalyse access to SD Biosensor’s G6PD testing devices and strips, in partnership with PATH.

The Wondfo HIV self-test


Launch of volume guarantee to catalyse access to Wondfo’s HIV self-test, in partnership with CHAI.

Health care workers are vaccinated against COVID-19, Sudan


Launch of procurement guarantee with the Open Society Foundations to help meet country demand for COVID-19 vaccines via COVAX’s cost-sharing mechanism.


The dual test for HIV and syphilis requires a single finger-prick blood sample and gives results in 20 minutes


Launch of volume guarantee to catalyse access to SD Biosensor’s HIV and syphilis dual test, in partnership with CHAI.

Mothers line-up and wait for their children to receive the RTS,S malaria vaccine, Mkaka Primary School Outreach, Malawi


Launch of innovative financing agreement with Gavi and GSK to support continued production of RTS,S malaria vaccine antigen ahead of key policy and funding decisions. MedAccess comes off risk in December when positive policy and funding decisions are announced.

Patient volunteer Andrew Gwesele at Highfields Polyclinic, Highfields Township, Harare, Zimbabwe. shares his experience taking 3HP


Launch of volume guarantee to catalyse access to Macleods’ 3HP latent tuberculosis treatment, in partnership with CHAI and Unitaid.

UNICEF supports the Government of Niger, IOM, and partners to deliver aid to migrants in the midst COVID-19


UNICEF procurement guarantee for essential COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 products extended by one year.


Health professionals line up to administer Angola's first COVID-19 vaccines on behalf of the COVAX facility


Launch of procurement guarantee for UNICEF to accelerate procurement of essential COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 supplies.


A graph


BII pays in further $100 million capital, taking MedAccess’ capitalisation to $200 million.

Infants, children under five and pregnant women are the most vulnerable groups to malaria


Launch of volume guarantee for BASF’s Interceptor® G2 mosquito nets announced at Global Fund replenishment event, in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


The Panther viral load testing machine


Launch of volume guarantee for Hologic’s Panther® viral load testing platform announced at AIDS 2018 conference, in partnership with the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI).

Nigel Keen


Nigel Keen appointed Board Chair. First $100 million of paid-in capital issued by BII.


Michael Anderson


MedAccess formally incorporated. Michael Anderson begins work as CEO.

An image of money and graphs


$200m capital authorised by British International Investment (BII) in preparation for MedAccess’ incorporation.

A nurse takes the blood pressure of a pregnant woman. The words 'Access Matters' overlay the image.

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