We live our values every day. They guide our decision-making and help us to stay focused on what we need to do to achieve our mission.

We are mission-driven

We make decisions based on the development impact that MedAccess can achieve.

We go further than expected in the pursuit of our mission.

We actively seek out knowledge on emerging trends and ideas in health and social finance.

We are humble

We recognise the remarkable achievements by countries, regional and multilateral agencies, and civil society groups in the global health space and we seek to learn from their experiences.

We actively seek feedback on our work.

We always seek to champion the work of our partners and others committed to improving lives and livelihoods around the world.

We are relentless about rigour

We base our decisions on the highest quality data available.

We are continuously curious; asking questions and challenging assumptions to deepen our understanding.

We embrace scrutiny; reviewing and refining our work to ensure we deliver the best possible outcomes.

We build trust

We are open, honest and transparent in all areas of our business.

We keep our word and are fully accountable, as individuals and as a team, for our decisions.

We promote respectful and inclusive environments, acting to reduce bias and discrimination.

We invest in people

We invest in the emotional wellbeing of others and support each other in our quest for growth.

We seek out a diverse range of views and voices.

We build and nurture positive relationships.

A nurse takes the blood pressure of a pregnant woman. The words 'Access Matters' overlay the image.

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