Emilie Grard

Health Markets Programme Coordinator

Emilie supports the Chief Access Officer and the Health Markets Team by helping to strengthen and maintain strong communication, plan meetings, maintain team knowledge and information systems, and develop donor reports. She is also proactive in addressing other operational, deal, and administrative needs.

Emilie further contributes to the team’s efforts in analysing global health trends, market developments, and international financing for global health procurement.

Emilie joined MedAccess in April 2023. Previously, she completed a Master of Public Health with a concentration in global health at Imperial College London. She also holds a BA in global public health from the University of Virginia.

During her academic career, Emilie has contributed to research with UNAIDS to estimate HIV prevalence and antiretroviral therapy coverage in sub-Saharan Africa. She has also collaborated with the University of Global Health Equity to evaluate barriers to reproductive health in rural areas of Rwanda. Additionally, Emilie has conducted research on strengthening emergency obstetric care in sub-Saharan Africa.

Email Emilie: [email protected]