Emilie Grard

Health Markets Programme Coordinator

Emilie Grard is Health Markets Team Programme Coordinator at MedAccess, supporting the logistical and operational needs of the Health Markets team. Emilie supports team members on developing guarantee opportunities, coordinates team events and meetings and develops content and case studies to showcase MedAccess partnerships and agreements.

In her work supporting scoping, development, and execution of agreements, Emilie plays a key role in overseeing early-stage pipeline prioritisation and management. Additionally, as part of selected deal teams, she aids in scoping and conducting due diligence on public health impact and priority markets.

Emilie is a postgraduate specialising in global health research and development. She completed a Bachelor’s degree in Global Public Health at the University of Virginia, where she developed her knowledge of the global health landscape and developed an interest in women’s health, maternal health, and sexual and reproductive health.

From 2021-2022 Emilie undertook a Master of Public Health at Imperial College, London. Maintaining her interest in sexual and reproductive health, she focused her dissertation on the evaluation of the availability and quality of emergency obstetric care in sub-Saharan Africa. She was also part of an HIV research project in partnership with UNAIDS, which focused on at-risk populations across sub-Saharan Africa and the accessibility of HIV testing and treatment.

Whilst pursuing her bachelor’s degree during the COVID-19 pandemic, Emilie was part of a virtual research project in partnership with the University for Global Health Equity in Rwanda. She collaborated with medical students from Rwanda to evaluate the barriers hindering access to reproductive healthcare in rural communities.

Email Emilie: [email protected]

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