Who we work with

Together with our partners, we leverage knowledge, experience and insight – enabling us to deploy appropriate financial products for the market, for our partners and, ultimately, for patients.

Our partners

We start from where our partners are and work together to get where we need to be.

We work with governments, businesses, global health organisations, and civil society, to offer a new way of getting life-saving products into countries that need them.

Each of our agreements combines the expertise and resources of our partners to get medical products to the people that need them.

Discover more about who we work with to increase access to healthcare products in low- and middle-income countries.

Access To Medicine Foundation logo

Access to Medicines Foundation

Access to Medicines Foundation is an independent research foundation that encourages healthcare companies to improve access to their products.

BASF logo


We provided BASF with a volume guarantee to reduce the price of at least 35 million next-generation Interceptor® G2 mosquito nets to prevent malaria.

BMFG logo

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Together with the Gates Foundation, we provided a volume guarantee to BASF to increase access to their Interceptor® G2 mosquito nets.

British International Investment

MedAccess was founded by British International Investment (BII), the UK’s development finance institution. BII is our anchor investor, with $200 million paid-in capital via its Catalyst Strategies.

CHAI logo

Clinton Health Access Initiative

We have partnered with CHAI to increase access to a range of health products including HIV viral load testing, 3HP latent TB treatment, a dual test for HIV and syphilis, and HIV self-tests.

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office

FCDO supports MedAccess to execute partnerships to increase access to HIV, tuberculosis and malaria products, accelerate attainment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and improve value for money for Global Fund procurement.

GAVI logo

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

Our agreement enabled Gavi to support GSK’s continued production of antigen for the RTS,S malaria vaccine before key policy and funding decisions. We also provided a guarantee for COVAX efforts to increase access to COVID-19 vaccines.

Global Fund logo

The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

Our guarantees help make HIV, TB and malaria products more affordable, which enables the Global Fund to reach more people in need.

GSK logo


Our financing agreement with GSK and Gavi enabled their continued production of antigen for the RTS,S malaria vaccine ahead of key policy and funding decisions.

Hologic logo


Our volume guarantee for Hologic increased access to viral load testing using the company’s Panther® platform by agreeing an all-inclusive $12 ceiling price per patient test.

IVCC logo

Innovative Vector Control Consortium

IVCC partnered with BASF to support development of Interceptor® G2 mosquito nets and is the lead implementer in the New Nets Project, funded by the Global Fund and Unitaid.

Macleods logo


Our volume guarantee for Macleods increased supply security, affordability and availability of their 3HP short-course TB preventive therapy. The guarantee contributed to the work of the IMPAACT4TB partnership.

Open Society Foundations logo

Open Society Foundations

Together with the Open Society Foundations, we provided a risk sharing facility to Gavi to support the COVAX cost-sharing mechanism.


We work with PATH to accelerate access to SD Biosensor’s G6PD testing devices and strips, which help healthcare workers provide the most effective treatment for people with P. vivax malaria.

SD Biosensor Logo

SD Biosensor

Our volume guarantees have helped SD Biosensor to increase access to dual testing for syphilis and HIV, and G6PD testing devices and strips to tackle P. vivax malaria.

TB Alliance's logo is written in purple text

TB Alliance

We partner with TB Alliance to support introduction and scale up of new regimens to treat multidrug-resistant TB.



Our partnership accelerated access to vital COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 medical products, reducing country waiting times for supplies by up to seven months.



We work with Unitaid to shape markets for interventions against malaria and TB, including mosquito nets and latent TB treatment.

The Viatris logo


Our partnership with Viatris reduced the price of pretomanid, a drug used as part of a new treatment regimen for drug-resistant tuberculosis.

Wondfo Logo


Our volume guarantee for Wondfo enabled a price reduction for its WHO prequalified HIV self-test, accelerating access for more people at risk of HIV.

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