Making healthcare markets work for everyone

Making healthcare markets work for everyone

We are in the business of improving and saving lives. Every financial decision we make is measured against the positive human impact it will generate.

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Increasing access to affordable healthcare

We use innovative finance to make medical products more affordable and accessible in under-served markets. 

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Our volume guarantees in action

Our work helps life-science companies mitigate the business risks of bringing affordable medicines to people in need.


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Pricing, Manufacturing & Distribution

“Whether products are available and affordable to the people who need them in these markets depends on the choices companies make when registering, pricing and distributing their products” This month the Access to Medicine Index published an independent ranking of 20 of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies on their efforts to improve access to medicine…

MedAccess support for viral load testing announced

“The Hologic Global Access Initiative is a great step forward in expanding access to HIV testing across the developing world – cutting edge initiatives like this are vital if we are to meet our commitment to end AIDS by 2030.”   Rt Hon Alistair Burt, Minister of State at DFID. MedAccess joined Hologic, CHAI, UNITAID, and…

HIV tests in global AIDS fight

“Viral load testing needs to be escalated enormously if we’re going to have any chance of tackling this epidemic” – MedAccess CEO This piece from the National Public Radio discusses the importance of making routine HIV tests more accessible as part of the effort to reach the U.N.’s ambitious goal to eliminate HIV transmission by the…

Guaranteed Impact: volume guarantees for contraceptive implants

“INCREASING SUPPLIES AND CUTTING PRICES FOR CONTRACEPTIVES WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME” Of the widely available family planning methods, three- and five-year contraceptive implants are two of the most highly effective methods at preventing pregnancy, and are well suited for many women and health systems in low- and middle-income countries. Despite the efficacy and availability of…