Making healthcare markets work for everyone

Making healthcare markets work for everyone

We are in the business of improving and saving lives. Every financial decision we make is measured against the positive human impact it will generate.

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Increasing access to affordable healthcare

We use innovative finance to make medical products more affordable and accessible in under-served markets. 

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Our volume guarantees in action

Our work helps life-science companies mitigate the business risks of bringing affordable medicines to people in need.


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News and Insight

Hema Srinivasan appointed Chief Access Officer

February 24, 2020 – MedAccess is pleased to announce the appointment of Hema Srinivasan as the social finance company’s new Chief Access Officer. Hema brings over a decade of experience in healthcare, market shaping and access programmes to reach people with life-saving medicines, medical devices and diagnostics. Hema will join MedAccess at the end of…

Cost of next generation bednets almost halved

The price of new BASF Interceptor® G2 bednets will be reduced by 40%, thanks to a new MedAccess partnership.  8 October 2019 – Today in Lyon, MedAccess announced a four-year agreement with global chemical producer BASF to reduce the price of 35 million next generation bednets, the BASF Interceptor® G2. The collaboration between MedAccess, BASF…

Fresh support from CDC Group at Global Fund Replenishment

7 October 2019 – This week, MedAccess is attending the Sixth Global Fund Replenishment Conference, hosted by President Macron in Lyon, France. The Global Fund is calling on the world to step up the fight against HIV, TB and malaria. This replenishment seeks to raise at least $14 billion to help save 16 million lives, avert…

Pricing, Manufacturing & Distribution

“Whether products are available and affordable to the people who need them in these markets depends on the choices companies make when registering, pricing and distributing their products” This month the Access to Medicine Index published an independent ranking of 20 of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies on their efforts to improve access to medicine…