Our partnership process

Our partnership process approach focuses on deploying the appropriate financial product for the market, for our partners and ultimately for patients.

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Developing partnerships

We scope opportunities by actively monitoring developments and trends in healthcare and innovative financing.


Assessing opportunities

This includes the healthcare financing and delivery landscape in low- and middle-income countries, disease burden trends, innovations in the pharmaceutical, diagnostics, and devices industries, and shifts in the market dynamics of specific healthcare products. We also engage a wide range of partners across the healthcare landscape to source and assess opportunities.

When we determine a proposed guarantee is appropriate for consideration, our due diligence process begins, and the proposal is formally presented to the Project Investment Committee, which reviews and approves proposed guarantees before they are executed.

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Rigorous diligence

When conducting due diligence, we evaluate a number of business, financial, impact, environmental, social, governance, legal and regulatory issues to determine whether a guarantee is suitable. While the due diligence process differs depending on the type of guarantee, we generally spend significant time meeting with partners, visiting plants and facilities, and talking to other interested stakeholders to understand the associated development impact and risks. We may use the services of external experts to assist in this process.

In 2020, we formally established a Technical Advisory Group to provide detailed guidance on proposals.

Monitoring and reporting

From the date a guarantee is active, we work to ensure that strategic and development impact objectives are achieved, and that the performance of the guarantee is closely monitored. We work with partners to execute on our guarantee and development impact thesis, and we rigorously track performance through regular monitoring of operational, financial and impact-related metrics.

Stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem play a vital role in ensuring MedAccess guarantees ultimately deliver the intended development impact. We work with civil society, healthcare providers, policymakers, suppliers, donors and procurers, who are all committed to increasing equitable access to healthcare.

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Who we work with

Discover more about the partners we are working with to increase access to healthcare products in low- and middle-income countries.