Keeping impact at the heart of MedAccess’ investment decisions

by MedAccess

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MedAccess has underlined its commitment to putting impact at the heart of its investments by signing up to the Operating Principles for Impact Management.

The Impact Principles are designed to ensure that impact is meaningfully integrated throughout the life cycle of investments. Signatories must align their work with nine principles covering Strategic Intent, Origination and Structuring, Portfolio Management, Impact at Exit, and Independent Verification.

MedAccess uses a bespoke Development Impact Framework to guide investment decisions and track impact. All proposed transactions must meet the Framework’s minimum impact threshold and impact is tracked using projections against a counterfactual analysis.

MedAccess will submit its first Disclosure Statement in April and will be required to undergo external verification by 2026.

“Health impact is the core of our mission at MedAccess,” said Tristana Perez, MedAccess’ Development Impact Executive. “The Operating Principles for Impact Management hold impact investors to a very high standard. By aligning with the Impact Principles, we can be confident that we are keeping our commitment to putting impact at the heart of our investment decisions.”

The Operating Principles for Impact Management were launched in 2019 by the International Finance Corporation as part of a collective effort to bring greater transparency, rigour and discipline to the impact investing market. In 2022, hosting of the Impact Principles secretariat was transferred to the Global Impact Investor Network (GIIN).

Signatories to the Impact Principles include British International Investment, BlackRock, SwedFund and the US Development Finance Corporation.

Signatories must show that they have designed and implemented impact management frameworks that inform decision-making and enable them to track the outcomes of their investments.

More about our Development Impact Framework

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