About us

We believe people should have access to effective medical innovations when they need them, no matter where they live.

A woman riding a bike with a baby on her back

Who we are

We are a UK-based social enterprise committed to improving health in more than 90 countries.

Our values

Everything we do is underpinned by a strong set of organisational values. Read more about our values here.

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Our history

Discover our story so far, from our formation in 2017 to the agreements we have formed to date.

Annual report

Find out how our new and existing guarantees helped protect and improve the health of millions of people in 2021.

Meet our people

MedAccess team

Our team brings expertise in innovative finance and risk, global health and development, and market analysis.

Professor Helen Rees

MedAccess Board

Led by our Chair, Helen Rees, our board is responsible for the oversight and governance of MedAccess.

Technical Advisory Group

We work with experts in healthcare market dynamics to help us assess guarantee opportunities.

Get involved

We are looking for philanthropists and investors to help us raise $50 million of catalytic capital by 2024.