Net gains against malaria: A decades-long battle with insecticide-resistant mosquitos

by Melanie Brooks

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Hassana Sa-adu stands with her children, holding a mosquito net they received during a door-to-door distribution campaign in Gabasawa, Nigeria. © The Global Fund / Andrew Esiebo / Panos

This is a story of innovation and new tools in the fight against malaria. From the discovery of insecticide resistance all the way through to the creation, testing, funding, roll-out and approval of a new mosquito net. Discover more about how we partnered with BASF and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to increase access to this next-generation mosquito net.

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A warehouse full of mosquito nets showing volume guarantees in action

BASF and MedAccess complete shipment of 35 million Interceptor® G2 nets to fight malaria

63 million people in sub-Saharan Africa are being protected by the nets and more children have been able to access…

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