MedAccess Trust Donation Policy

1. The purpose and objects of MedAccess Trust

Formed at the instigation of MedAccess Guarantee Ltd, MedAccess Trust (“Trust/ we”) is a company limited by guarantee incorporated under the laws of England and Wales with the aim of advancing health and education.

The Trust exists to fund aligned partners (primarily MedAccess Guarantee Ltd) to support the design, development and/or delivery of solutions for market failures in healthcare provision.

In particular, the Trust will further healthcare by supporting provision of targeted financial support, including contractual guarantees and debt finance instruments, to healthcare providers, which in turn enable the provision of healthcare services and products to underserved populations. By targeting its efforts towards underserved populations, the Trust will improve the health of people most at risk from poor healthcare provision, typically those in poverty and difficult circumstances across the world. This should lead to various other consequential public benefits, such as relief of poverty, relief of hardship and distress.

The Trust will further education by funding and conducting research and publishing educational materials on associated healthcare topics, with a focus on the causes of and solutions to market gaps and failure in healthcare provision in the developing world.

The Trust therefore benefits the public both by increasing capacity for positive healthcare interventions, and by increasing understanding and knowledge about the way in which healthcare systems work and, more importantly, when and where healthcare systems fail, as well as increasing knowledge about the solutions available to address these failures.

2. Policy statement

This policy governs the acceptance of funds by the Trust and is designed to ensure that:

1. We do not compromise our mission or values when raising funds. Decisions on accepting or refusing charitable donations are based on the criteria set out in this policy.

2. The Trust does not accept funds, receipt of which would:

  • be unlawful;
  • be detrimental to its mission and purpose including reputational damage;
  • have a detrimental impact on beneficiaries; or
  • be made by a vulnerable donor who may not be able to make an informed decision.

Along with this policy, the Trust has a robust decision-making process relating to donations and the sources of donations prior to receipt including based on appropriate due diligence and risk assessment.

We have a resource mobilisation team that is ultimately responsible for the implementation of this policy under the oversight of the trustees who will make final decisions on acceptance of donations.

3. Our donors

Our international community of supporters is vital to enabling us to achieve our charitable objectives and support access to affordable healthcare for thousands of people across the world every year. We are committed to working alongside supporters and potential supporters to raise funds in a way which serve the best interests of the people and communities we help.

4. How do we decide to accept or decline donations?

The Trust has adopted fundraising risk indicators against which we will assess each donation or funding opportunity. We review these consistently on a case-by-case basis to assess the potential impact the donation could have on the Trust. These risk indicators include, but are not limited to, activity deemed illegal or subject to internationally agreed phase-outs or bans, and other activities or associations with potentially negative impacts to the reputation of the Trust.

To enable us to make an informed decision, we carry out appropriate research in line with our data protection, screening and business integrity policies.

In addition, where we know or have good reason to believe that a supporter lacks capacity to make a decision to donate or is otherwise vulnerable and may not be able to make an informed decision, we will not accept the donation.

The Trust reserves the right to refuse donations or terminate partnerships without reason being provided, where the activities of the individual or organisation conflict with our mission.

The Trust seeks to meet recognised best practice and the expectations of its supporters when carrying out its fundraising activities.

5. Contact

For queries relating to this policy, please contact Ed Collier, Trust Manager: [email protected]

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