George Zajicek

TAG Member

George is a healthcare expert with almost 50 years of industry experience. He is the Executive Chairman of Probe Scientific and on the Board of Sarissa Biomedica.

George is a healthcare professional who has worked in the pharmaceutical, in vitro diagnostics (IVD) and medical device industries for almost fifty years. He is a registered pharmacist and is currently working as a consultant to several IVD companies including Syncona, BBI and Renishaw Diagnostics, sharing his expertise in regulatory affairs, clinical trials, marketing, development and reimbursement systems,  general management and acquisitions, and raising investment.

George is the Executive Chairman of Probe Scientific and on the Board of Sarissa Biomedica. Probe Scientific is developing a non-invasive blood sampling system using microdialysis. In his role at Sarissa, George examines grant applications for a range of health innovations, particularly in digital health and the use of artificial intelligence in health diagnosis in developing countries. George is also the Founder and first Chairman of the British In Vitro Diagnostics Association (BIVDA), which aims to make the UK Government aware of the role of diagnostics in primary healthcare.

George began his career as a Clinical Trials Manager and Regulatory Affairs Manager at Boehringer Ingelheim and subsequently the Unilever subsidiary Unipath. At Unipath, he supported the successful development, trialling and launch of Clearblue pregnancy and Clearplan fertility tests and was in charge of Unilever’s cancer project linking antibodies raised against tumour-associated antigens for therapy and imaging of various cancers. He then moved to Shield Diagnostics (now Axis-Shield), and was responsible for identifying partners to develop and launch new products and negotiated contracts with IVD organisations such as Abbott Laboratories, Roche, Dade Behring, BioRad, Bayer Diagnostics (now Siemens) and Beckman Coulter.