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July 2018 – MedAccess announced a volume guarantee agreement with the global diagnostic supplier, Hologic. This innovative arrangement supports lower all-inclusive pricing for viral load testing on the groundbreaking Panther platform.

The global fight against HIV/AIDS has made tremendous progress over the last 20 years, with life-saving antiretroviral treatment reaching nearly 22 million patients. But the UN has set an even more ambitious goal of ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic by 2030 – a vision only achievable if every patient has the viral load in their bloodstream reduced to levels to avoid HIV transmission. That requires consistent global access to viral load testing, yet only 56% of people living with HIV have routine access to it today.

This bottleneck in treatment partly stems from dysfunction in the marketplace for HIV viral load diagnostics. Markets are plagued by high and variable pricing, limited competition and opaque purchasing arrangements.

The Global Access Initiative is a partnership between MedAccess, the Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc. (CHAI) and Hologic, Inc. to mitigate the burden of viral diseases in areas with high prevalence by improving health markets with greater access to testing using the Panther® system. 

The partnership will transform the market for viral load testing in several important ways:

  • Reducing the ceiling price per-patient-test to $12 – a 40-50% reduction in some markets which will save national HIV programmes as much as $50m over four years
  • Introducing all-inclusive pricing – covering reagents and consumables, instrument placement, service, maintenance and more to make purchasing transparent and efficient
  • Accelerating the expansion of viral load testing – harnessing the superior user-friendliness and throughput offered by the Panther system
  • Extending the scope of viral load testing to include – HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and Human Papilloma Virus (the main cause of cervical cancer)

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