Increasing access to healthcare

Millions of people die in low- and middle-income countries every year because vaccines, medicines and tests are either unavailable or unaffordable.

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The big picture

Health is the single most important aspect of all our lives.

Around the world, millions of people are unable to access the healthcare products that could save or improve their lives. Indeed, it can take years – or even decades – for innovative medicines to reach people living in underserved communities.

Healthcare products can protect and improve lives only if they are available at the right time to the people who need them.

Inefficient markets reduce access to healthcare

Often, this lack of availability is a result of inefficient, or unhealthy, markets. It is generally accepted that healthy markets contain five key elements:

Affordability, availability, assured quality, appropriate design, and awareness

If any of these elements is missing, the market can be considered inefficient. Too often, the human cost of inefficient markets is people missing out on healthcare products that can protect and improve their lives.

Addressing inefficient markets through innovative finance

We increase access to healthcare products by using innovative finance tools to address market inefficiencies. Our guarantees address affordability and availability issues by securing lower prices and sustainable supply of medical products for people in underserved communities.

We work with civil society, healthcare providers, policymakers, suppliers, donors and procurers, who are all committed to increasing equitable access to healthcare.

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