Impact to date

Development impact motivates every decision we make. We measure the human and economic impact of our partnerships to ensure our guarantees protect lives and improve health.

Our development impact to date

Our guarantees are helping to save and protect peoples’ lives in more than 90 countries by making life-saving products more accessible. Guarantees accelerate access to innovative, effective products while securing long-term positive change in healthcare markets.  

To date (June 2022), we have executed seven guarantees, bringing healthcare products to hundreds of thousands of people. 

We screen all potential guarantees for development impact using our Development Impact framework. Read more below about the impact of our guarantees and the partnerships they support. 

Scientists looking at the Hologic Panther machine

Viral load testing

We partner with Hologic, Inc. and Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc. (CHAI) to increase access to viral load testing for HIV and viral hepatitis. To date:

  • 554,000 patients not virally suppressed now identified 
  • 271,000 patients switched to 2nd line treatment 
  • 10 countries switched to all-inclusive tender process 
  • $27m direct procurement savings for governments, donors, and public bodies
  • 12 countries with more than two suppliers of viral load testing 
Hologic’s Panther platform for viral load testing

Accelerating access to next-generation mosquito nets

We partner with BASF and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to accelerate access to Interceptor® G2 mosquito nets. To date: 

  • 8.6 million malaria cases averted, of which 1.5 million is additional to standard nets 
  • 69,300 severe malaria cases averted, of which 14,200 is additional to standard nets 
  • 10,300 deaths averted, of which 2,100 is additional to standard nets 
  • $19m procurement savings for public bodies 
  • 10 countries ordering Interceptor® G2 mosquito nets
BASF’s next-generation mosquito nets
Mother and child under mosquito bed nets
Checking a baby's temperature

Essential COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 supplies


We partner with UNICEF to increase access to essential COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 supplies. To date: 

  • >75m COVID-19 and other childhood vaccines supplied 
  • >3.7m COVID-19 tests and diagnostics equipment supplied 
  • Nearly 1.8b syringes secured for 2021 and beyond using special contracts 
  • 95 countries received pre-financing support for essential products in 2021 
  • 7 months faster (on average) to access supplies than without pre-financing support through standard subscriptions. 


UNICEF's COVID-19 supplies

3HP preventive therapy for latent tuberculosis

We partner with CHAI, Unitaid and Macleods Pharmaceutical Limited to increase access to 3HP preventive treatment for latent TB. We project that: 

  • 101,000 additional people living with HIV will complete treatment with 3HP, when compared to the current standard of care 
  • 25,500 hospitalisations of people living with HIV experiencing side effects of latent TB treatment will be prevented 
  • 213,000 (approximate) cases of latent TB averted in household contacts
  • 6 countries newly registered for 3HP 
  • 32% average price reduction 
  • $11.7m in procurement savings 
Macleods 3HP TB preventive therapy
A mother smiling holding a baby

Dual rapid diagnostic tests for HIV and syphilis

We partner with SD Biosensor and CHAI to increase access to dual rapid diagnostic tests for HIV and syphilis. Our projected impact (for guaranteed volumes): 

  • At least 285,000 pregnant women with syphilis identified 
  • At least 38,000 fewer babies born with congenital syphilis 
  • At least 51,500 stillbirths and miscarriages avoided 
  • At least 15 countries to scale use of dual test beyond pilot 
  • <$1 – the first HIV/syphilis dual test to be offered for under $1, bringing it closer to price parity with HIV single tests 
  • 21% reduction in the average market price of dual RDTs. 
SD Biosensor dual HIV-syphilis rapid diagnostic test

World’s first malaria vaccine

We partnered with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and GSK to increase access to the RTS,S malaria vaccine. Our support for continued production of the RTS,S bulk antigen in advance of key policy and funding decisions with enable more millions children to be vaccinated. 

RTS,S malaria vaccine

COVID-19 vaccines through COVAX

We partner with Gavi and the Open Society Foundations to enable countries to access additional COVID-19 vaccines through the COVAX Facility. The guarantee supports COVAX’s cost-sharing mechanism, which enables countries receiving vaccines through the COVAX Advance Market Commitment to procure additional doses using funds from multilateral development banks. 

COVID-19 vaccines through COVAX

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